Moscow terror attack: Moscow concert venue shooting



Reports of media publishing one of the photographs of the terrorists involved in the Crocus attack, by one of the photographers present at the venue capturing the event and the attendees, on the 7th of March, 2024. The photographer has identified the arrested terrorist.

Possibilities are, that there were few others who might have been present at the concert complex along with the arrested terrorist. This could have been one of the reconnaissance missions which raises a lot of doubts & questions on its occurence.

Incidentally, the British & American embassy both raised serious alarms on some potential terrorists attack. Largely a stringent warning was raised for the citizens.

Timeline below might clarify a lot of skepticism :

▶️ 25 February – New York Times article about CIA cells in Ukraine gets published.

▶️ 28 February – Victoria Nuland speaks about financing Ukraine and promises Putin asymmetric “unpleasant surprises”.

▶️ 5 March – Nuland steps down.

▶️ 7 March – A member of the terrorist group visits the Crocus Center.

▶️ Night of 7-8 March – American and British embassies synchronously make announcement of a possible terrorist attack in Moscow, highlighting the venue within 48 hours.

▶️ 9 March – Russian patriotic artist, Shaman, performs at Crocus (possibility of the one of top most targets from the list).

Exactly 2 weeks later :

▶️ 22 March – The terrorist attack takes place at the Crocus City Hall, leaving as many as 60 victims dead and 140 others injured.

Allegedly, the preparation of this terrorist attack may have been directed or aimed towards weakening the Upcoming Russian Presidential Elections, slated to take place from the 15th till the 17th of March 2024.

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