Importance of Predator Drones In India’s Defence Strategies


Understanding the Importance of Predator Drones in India’s Defense Strategy The recent purchase of Predator drones by India has sparked a debate among citizens regarding the cost and security concerns surrounding these unmanned aerial vehicles.

Some argue that the cost of these drones is too high and that they pose a security risk, while others defend the purchase as a necessary step in strengthening India’s defense capabilities. It’s important to understand that neither “28k ft @ 20 hrs” nor “40k ft @ 40 hrs” should be dismissed as either “pathetic” or “fancy” products.

They are different category products not being inducted at the cost of others. Moreover, India and the United States have already taken steps to address security concerns through their agreement under COMCASA. In addition, it’s worth noting that the Indian Navy has already used the same Predator drones and PI-81 surveillance aircrafts in Ladakh, showcasing their importance in monitoring border areas.

The $4 Bn rupees spent on these drones is well worth the investment, as they will serve as an asset in India’s defense strategy for years to come. What’s important to understand is that only 25% of the deal goes to the Navy, with the rest being distributed to AF/Army.

Furthermore, the Navy will not use these drones in the Pacific or Atlantic, but rather in the Indian Ocean where they will be put to good use. Additionally, the data collected by the drones is owned by India and will not be available on Amazon.

In conclusion, it’s essential to appreciate the significance of Predator drones in India’s defense strategy. The investment in these drones is a forward-thinking approach to strengthen India’s security and should not be dismissed as just another expensive purchase.

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