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Your space: Pune municipal commissioner’s actions are a welcome move

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We need hawker-free roads, footpaths

Encroachment has always been a big issue and no action was taken by PMC under the influence of the local corporators. In certain areas, footpaths are occupied by hawkers, with no place for pedestrians. The residential complexes having shops were challenging as the shop owner would give the spaces in front of the shop to some other person to run stall like tea, panipuri, etc. If the residents protested, they would get threat calls from politicians.The municipal commissioner’s actions are a welcome move. The roads are hawker-free. However, whenever an official takes such actions, he is immediately transferred. The same happened with Arun Bhatia, who was popular among citizens when he was posted as the Pune municipal commissioner because of his stern action against encroachments and corruption, unfortunately he was transferred. However, charging additional parking fees is not a welcome move. Citizens are already dealing with financial crisis, adding a parking fee would be a burden.

-Narauttam Das

Much-needed move

This is a much-needed move. Citizens pay for a safer roads, footpath and also free convenient ample parking spaces is our right. Plans for commercial complexes are also passed along with number of parking zones, but no parking is available. Farmers marker across every street is also an encroachment on roads and footpath. Who gives the corporators rights to put up these in public spaces along with their publicity.?

-Seema Agrawal

Charging for parking will reduce congestion

Its a good thing to start charging for parking across Pune streets, as this will reduce unnecessary congestion on the roads and encourage the use of public transport, which has various options like AC buses and metro. People who stay or travel to Pune cantonment areas are already used to paying such parking charges since the last few years without any objection. Anti-encroachment drive is a welcome step too, which will put the fear of law and rules in peoples’ minds which will inturn discourage them from any kind of encroachment.

-Sachin Khandelwal

Need more vigilance

In Dasara chowk, Balewadi there are vegetable vendors, pan shops, tea stalls who have occupied most of the space. Vehicles are parked on the road by the customers who visit these shops. It’s difficult for pedestrians as well as two and four wheelers to find out the way. Vehicles coming from Laxmi Mandir and turning on right side to go to Bajirao Shripati Marg have to face the fast coming vehicles from Mitcon side. In this chowk, there is no signal which is risky for all. Citizens are demanding a traffic island in this chowk as well as a footpath. Same situation is near Mamata chowk where three busy roads come together. Recently, ex Corporator Amol Balwadkar has deputed traffic marshals here which have helped the citizens to the some extent. But, in both Chowks there is urgent need of traffic signal, footpath, proper parking. Hence, more vigilance is needed from the PMC commissioner

-Balewadi Welfare Federation

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