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Yoga asanas to detoxify your liver at home: Expert shares tips

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Liver comes with multiple health benefits for the body. It helps in processing the consumed food particles and also helps in storing the utilising the nutrients for the body. Liver also helps in building the proteins required for the body and removing the harmful toxins. It also helps in renewing the blood cells. It is important to take steps in maintaining a healthy liver. Several yoga asanas are focused on improving the liver health and can be performed at home.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Yoga expert Akshar said, “Yoga can be a great way to remove toxins from your system and to regulate your blood circulation, boost immunity, improve digestion, and allow for overall well-being.” He further noted down four yoga asanas to be performed at home to detoxify the liver.

They are:

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Vajrasana – Also known as the thunder bolt, Vajrasana boosts digestion and the blood circulation of the body. It also helps in combating acidity and constipation, thereby contributing to the health of the liver. However, the pose should not be held for a long duration of time in case of knee or ankle injury or pain.

Naukasana – Naukasana, or the boat pose, helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. This further helps in stimulating the digestion, absorption and elimination processes.

Paschimottanasana – This posture helps in stretching the middle body and stimulating the relevant organs such as liver, kidneys, ovaries etc. Too. Regular practice of the yoga asana helps in relieving the unhealthy conditions of the liver, and also helps in boosting the overall blood flow.

Halasana – An effective yoga asana for detoxifying the liver, Halasana helps in stretching the spine, boosting blood circulation, improving blood pressure and lowering the levels of blood sugar. However, Halasana should be avoided in case of persistent headaches and during menstrual cycles.

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