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When General Bajwa read the riot act to Imran Niazi

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Amidst all political theatrics mounted by Imran Khan Niazi since Opposition tabled the no confidence motion against him in March, the Pakistani establishment has come out in flying colours for not only arresting political chaos in the Islamic Republic but also ensuring that the rule of law ultimately prevailed.

While the Pakistani social media is flooded with stories that Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Jawed Bajwa and his DG (ISI) Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum manhandled Imran Niazi into submission, available inputs are to the contrary. 

It is learnt that General Bajwa and Gen Anjum landed up at the private residence of Imran Niazi at Bani Galla in a helicopter even as the latter was trying to stage a coup against the Pak army chief by replacing him with Peshawar Corps Commander Lt Gen Faiz Hameed.

It is understood that Gen Bajwa firmly told Imran Niazi that he should allow the Opposition motion of no confidence against his government to be put to vote without any further delay. A mature Gen Bajwa took the DG (ISI) with him to convey to the agitated Niazi that the entire Rawalpindi GHQ was with him and wanted the legitimate process to be completed. 

The message was clear that either Imran Niazi should allow the voting to take place in the National Assembly or the Army will lay the law.

It was only after this firm message from the Establishment that Niazi lay down his arms and prepared for the worst. He was booted out of power before midnight.

While ousted PM Niazi will trying to garner electoral votes in forthcoming general elections on grounds of sympathy for a politician who was thrown out of power by US inspired conspiracy, the stability and no nonsense attitude demonstrated by Gen Bajwa reveals that there is still hope for recovery in Pakistan. Rather than seeking power for himself as his predecessors like General Pervez Musharraf had done, Gen Bajwa did not intervene in the political play at all. Instead, he stood custodian of the Pakistani Constitution and ensured that it was implemented in full.

While Opposition leader and most probable PM Shehbaz Sharif has publicly ruled out any vengeful action against the past Niazi regime, all eyes are on Gen Bajwa on what he does to current Peshawar Corps Commander and former ISI chief Lt Gen Faiz Hameed. 

A close advisor of Imran Niazi, Gen Hameed put globally designated Haqqani Network under terror supremo Sirajjuddin Haqqani into power in Kabul as a result of which not a single country to date has recognized the Talban occupation of Kabul since August 15, 2021.

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