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‘We will overcome’: Sonia Gandhi at Congress Chintan Shivir | Top quotes

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Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday said the party will launch a ‘National Kanyakumari to Kashmir Bharat Jodo Yatra‘ from October 2 – Gandhi Jayanti.

Addressing Congress leaders and workers at the end of the Congress Chintan Shivir in Udaipur, Sonia Gandhi said, “We will have to find a way to accommodate seniors like me to easily participate without running out of breath. We will overcome, that is our determination, that is our Nav Sankalp,” she said.

Here are top quotes from Sonia Gandhi’s speech at Chintan Shivir:

1. The yatra is to strengthen the bonds of social harmony that are under stress, to preserve the foundational values of our Constitution that are under assault and to highlight the day-to-day concerns of crores of our people.

2. Meanwhile, phase-2 of the district-level Jan Jagran Abhiyan that had been launched earlier will resume on June 15. This extensive campaign will highlight economic issues especially the growing unemployment and intolerable price rise that is destroying livelihoods.

3. A compact task force will be set up to drive the process of internal reforms that are essential and has been discussed in different groups here at Udaipur. These reforms with a focus on the 2024 Lok Sabha polls will cover all aspects of the organisation including structure, rules for appointments to party posts, communications and publicity, outreach, finances and election management. The composition of the task force will be notified in the next two-three days.

4. I have also decided to have an advisory group drawn from the CWC that would meet regularly under my chairpersonship to discuss and deliberate upon political issues and challenges before our party. Of course, we do have the CWC that meets from time to time and that will continue. The new group is not, however, a collective decision-making body but will help me get the benefit from the vast experience of senior colleagues. It too will be notified very soon.

5. Throughout these three days, you have also had the opportunity to get to know each other, to meet and interact with your senior and younger colleagues. As for myself, I was able to sit through all the six groups and listen to some of the speakers.

6. So, my friends and colleagues, let me wish you all the very best. We will overcome. That is our determination. That is our Nav Sankalp. The Congress will have a new Uday. That is our Nav Sankalp.

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