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‘Wake-Up Call For Europe’: Jaishankar Reminds The West That Ukraine Not Precedent For China

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Jaishankar told participants at the Raisina Dialogue on Tuesday that Wang Yi would be in a better position to explain what conclusions China draws from the Ukraine issue

External affairs minister S Jaishankar on Tuesday at the Raisina Dialogue AMA said that the world continues to exclude issues that concern Asia and have chosen to look at Chinese aggression only after the war in Ukraine began,

During the AMA, former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt questioned Jaishankar on what conclusions China may draw following the war in Ukraine. Bildt stuck to the stance taken by the US and the west warning India that leaning towards Russia will cost India as China and Russia share close ties and China also is keen to cause disturbance in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh.

Jaishankar was quick to point out that Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, would be the best person to affirm what conclusions China may draw. He repeated that the west is only eager to look towards the Indo-Pacific only because the Ukraine issue has caused unrest among global powers.

“Ukraine is not a precedent for China, such events have been underway in Asia for the past decade without Europe’s attention. So, this is a wake-up call for Europe to start looking at Asia,” Jaishankar said.

“A lot of arguments on what’s happening in Europe for what is happening in Asia. This has not been an easy part of the world, terrorism is practiced often sponsored by states, rules-based order under stress. Problems have been happening here (for a long time),” he further added.

“The rest of the world has to recognise that problems are not “going to happen,” but that they are happening,” Jaishankar said.

Earlier, Jaishankar responded to a similar question posed by the Luxembourg foreign minister Jean Asselborn by saying that India is not offering any solutions to the west amid the war in Ukraine. He said that unlike the western nations – when there were violations of rules-based order in Asia – India did not suggest doing ‘more trade’.

The foreign minister said that India is deeply committed to world peace and said that the nation wants hostilities to end immediately in Ukraine. He said that India stresses on national sovereignty and proposes that all concerned parties begin dialogue and discussion to stop the killing.

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