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UPCON-2023: Advantages of NASG in tackling bleeding during childbirth highlighted

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A reusable garment designed to be wrapped around specific body parts can save the life of a pregnant woman suffering post-partem haemorrhage (PPH) or bleeding during delivery.

Participants at the three day conference (HT Photo)

“Excessive bleeding during delivery kills many women. A non-pneumatic anti-shock garment or NASG is just a fabric with velcro or loop fasteners stitched to help tie the garment to stop the bleeding. Ironically, it is not used at many health centres,” said Dr Priti Kumar, organising secretary, UPCON-2023, the three-day 34th Annual Conference of obstetrics and gynaecology.

Talking to the media Dr Kumar, who is the chairperson, Safe Motherhood Programme by the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India, said, “I have personally trained medical staff to use NASG in several parts of India and Nepal and the results have been amazing when it comes to saving the life of a bleeding woman.”

“There are certain restrictions to use NASG and that can be easily explained to medical staff. The best use of NASG is at centres where doctors are not available and the patient has to be referred to a higher centre,” said Dr Kumar.

Doctors gave tips on healthy life for married women. “Even if everything is normal, four antenatal check-ups should be ensured. These check-ups are a real help to know any complexities with mother or the unborn child and treat them, which if ignored might not be possible,” said Dr Amita Shukla, senior gynaecologist, SC Trivedi Memorial Hospital.

Dr Chandrawati, the organising chairperson of the conference said, “Multiple abortions or frequent pregnancies are not good for the health of women. A couple should choose from among the family planning methods. They should keep a gap of up to three years between two children.”

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