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Tips to use a treadmill without getting knee injury: Expert offers insights

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Walking is one of the most important fitness routines that can be taken up anywhere and anytime. It comes with multiple health benefits as well – walking helps in targeting the subcutaneous and the visceral fat, helping in weight loss. It also helps in altering the expression of genes and affecting the longevity of the genes. However, walking on a treadmill or an open area such as a street affects the knee differently. When we walk on a pavement or a park, the body adjusts to the terrain in its own way, leading to different kinds of impacts on the knee. But when we are on a treadmill, the constant speed and the belt hits the knee differently, resulting in sore knees.

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Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, who is known for sharing fitness and health-related information on her Instagram profile on a daily basis, shared insights on how to walk on a treadmill without causing knee injury. She laid down certain tips and tricks that can be employed to garner maximum fitness benefits from walking on a treadmill and also keep the knees healthy and fit.

Warm up – It is recommended to not start walking on the treadmill right away. A few warm up fitness routines should be performed before beginning.

Walk on the treadmill – We need to walk on the treadmill instead of taking up the running routine.

Gradually increase speed – the speed of the treadmill should be increased gradually to garner maximum benefits.

Walk for half hour – Take up the walking routine on the treadmill for around 25 to 30 minutes on a daily basis. Then, increase the time duration to 40-45 minutes.

Alter the speed – The speed of the treadmill should be altered every 5 minutes of walking.

Right shoes – It is extremely important to wear the right fitting shoes while walking on the treadmill.

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