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Tiger Shroff sets fans drooling over his shirtless kettlebell workout

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Bollywood hunk Tiger Shroff‘s shirtless kettlebell workout not only set fans drooling but also brushed aside our Monday blues even before they begin to creep in as Sunday wraps up. From effortlessly acing kettlebell exercise to nailing 60kgs dumbbell press, Tiger served the perfect workout motivation this Sunday and we are inspired.

Taking to his social media handle, the fitness enthusiast shared a video straight from the gym that gave fans a sneak peek of his robust exercise session. Sweating it out only in a pair of black trousers, Tiger was seen flexing his ripped muscles as he stood with his naked back to the camera and performed kettlebell exercises followed by 60kgs dumbbell press.


Exercising with the kettlebell helps one to build their core muscles as well as the upper body and lower body strength. The target muscles during the exercise are the hamstrings and the quads.

Apart from shaping a lean, toned and firm physique, kettlebells are great at working your glutes, increasing power endurance, bridging the gap between cardio and strength training and burning fat which aides in weightloss. The horn or handle of the kettlebell is often thicker than that of a dumbbell which helps in increasing grip strength.

Swinging the kettlebell can also have benefits on grip strength and it targets the practitioner’s glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings in lower body, back, shoulders and triceps in upper body and the core, all in one single move. It improves the strength, function and coordination of the posterior chain, develop speed and power with the clean and jerk and helps one in attaining the posture of a military soldier with a straight back, shoulders retracted, tight core and immensely better back health.

Dumbbell Press helps build muscle in the upper body, allows a full range of motion, activates stabilizer muscles in the arms, shoulders, lower back and core, and promotes muscle symmetry. It involves a unilateral movement, which helps improve the body form and correct muscle imbalances.


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