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Things to avoid doing in romantic relationships: Therapist suggests

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In romantic relationships, we often assume that the other person will be able to meet all the expectations that we have for them. We also have a dreamy vision about love, which makes reality more difficult. Because real life love is not the type that we see in movies. There are major road bumps, there are good times, there are difficult times, and the sailing gets easier when two people involved in it are ready to compromise, communicate and put in efforts to keep it going. A relationship, after the initial phase of firecrackers, takes immense efforts from both ends to make it beautiful and long-lasting.

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We often, unknowingly end up making a lot of mistakes in a relationship. The way we behave or treat our partner ensures the ambience and the feel of the relationship. When we assume a lot, complain a lot and communicate less, it can make it very difficult for the partner to stay back, Relationship expert and therapist Nedra Glover Tawwab addressed this in her recent Instagram post and shared a few things which she has realised over a period of time.

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