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Spy Bahu’s Sana Sayyad: It’s chauvinist to ask if my husband is okay with me working

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TV actor Sana Sayyad talks about her journey in daily soap and also mentions how questions vis a vis her husband’s comfort with her profession reeks of chauvinism.

Actor Sana Sayyad admits she is “sensitive and emotional”, just like her character Sejal in Spy Bahu. However, she doesn’t “fall in love easily” just like her on-screen character. “I’m not a love at first sight person, mujhe love at first sight kabhi hua hi nahi, except Shah Rukh Khan (laughs),” Sayyad says.

Ask her if it was not love at first sight with her husband Imaad Shamsi and she debunks the myth. “We’ve been together since college. That time as well, I wasn’t into him, nor was he. We then came in the same circle and that’s how we connected again,” she shares. The two got hitched on June 25 last year. Even before they could complete a year, Sayyad is pounded with questions like, ‘How have things changed after marriage’. “Everybody keeps asking me that. I don’t like when people ask if your husband is comfortable with you working. That question is weird and is chauvinist. I’m not doing anything absurd for him to not like it. And he knew that I’m an actor. So I don’t get it,” Sayyad laments.

The actor is almost eight years old in the showbiz industry. She admits she “never thought” she would ever do a daily soap. “I never thought I’ll make it to the category of being a TV actor. I don’t come from an acting background. But I would love to thank my stars. I’ve always been surrounded by people and seniors who schooled me right. When I started acting my extended family cousins questioned if I’ll be an actor. I started having doubts myself. But today all I can think of is acting,” she says. Ask her about the self doubt that she mentions and she clarifies, “I will never self doubt my abilities. I’m where I am because of the homework I’ve done.”

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