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Shilpa Shetty is shocked as fan tries to enter her car for a pic with Samisha Shetty, watch

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Shilpa Shetty was shocked when a fan tried to enter her car as she stepped outOn  for birthday celebrations of Smriti Khanna’s daughter Anyaka in Mumbai. Shilpa attended the birthday party with her daughter Samisha. (Also read: Shilpa Shetty’s daughter Samisha waves to the paparazzi, says ‘bye bye’. Watch)

Smriti celebrated her daughter’s second birthday with a cocomelon-themed party. In a video that has surfaced online, Shilpa and Samisha are seen getting inside their car after they step out of the party venue in Juhu, Mumbai. As the paparazzi bid goodbye to them, Samisha also said, “Tata bye bye,” to them.

A fan was then seen trying to get inside the car and Shilpa had to stop him saying, “Kya kar rahe ho bhai (What are you even doing)?”

Smriti has shared a few pictures from the party they held on Friday, April 15. Samisha wore a white frock and styled her hair with a huge bow. Shilpa wore a matching white jacket as she held Samisha in her arms in one of the group pictures that also featured birthday girl Anayka and her mom, Smriti.

Smriti wore a pastel-coloured dress while Anayka was dressed in white. Smriti had Anayka in her arms as they posed in front of a set of balloons in one of the pictures. Cocomelon’s elephant, duck and monkey could be seen as the decor nearby.

Several other pictures showed the birthday girl posing with her friends, and with the birthday cake. Smriti shared the photos and captioned it as “Anayka’s Cocomelon birthday party Event management and decor.”

Smriti and Gauatm Gupta welcomed their daughter Anayka in 2020 and announced her arrival on Instagram. She had also chronicled her journey of motherhood with her fans online.

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