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Shilpa Shetty hops on the trend with a hip mobility routine

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Shilpa Shetty is our yoga inspiration. The actor keeps slaying several yoga asanas with snippets from her yoga diaries on her Instagram profile on a regular basis. Shilpa’s Instagram profile is a plethora of her yoga diaries, her fashion photoshoots and snippets from her personal diaries with her family. The actor swears by yoga, high intensity exercises and meditation. Shilpa, a few months back, went through a leg injury. But that did not stop her from acing fitness routines. The actor kept inspiring us through her recovery phase with pictures and videos of herself engrossed in fitness routines, all the while keeping her injured leg safe.

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Shilpa, on Monday, shared a short video of herself demonstrating a hip mobility routine. In the video, Shilpa can be seen standing on her yoga mat and then folding one leg from the knees. Then pushing her one hand inside the leg, and picking the leg up to her upper body, and balancing the entire body only on one leg. Then she can be seen performing a namaskar. With the video, Shilpa also spoke of the benefits of this routine – “The hip mobility trend is one that’s right up my alley. Knew I wanted to do this one as soon as I saw it! This might look easy to do; though it isn’t, really! But it surely helps to stretch the Iliotibial band muscle & the glutes, and is also beneficial for the Hip flexors.”

Hip mobility is very important to stay fit and healthy. It helps in improving stability, flexibility and the overall strength of the body. It also helps in boosting athletic performance of the body. Hip exercises help in combating lower back pain and knee problems. With the video, Shilpa further added, “However, you need to avoid doing this exercise if you have back pain, suffer from slip disc or sciatica, or if you’re pregnant.”

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