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Romans at play with an intention

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Theatre, as an art form, has the power to entertain while also informing its audience about the real-life events taking place around the world.

Bringing English playwright William Shakespeare’s famous Roman tragedy Julius Caesar to life, the play has been in the making for the past four years. The director of the act, Jeff Goldberg, will also play the lead role in the act, that has a cast of 35 members.

As Goldberg prepares to take the stage, he says, “I am excited to finally be able to stage this classic after so long. Julius Caesar is a really ambitious piece and is something that has been close to my heart. As a director, it is important for me to showcase something that is relevant in today’s age.”

Goldberg adds, “What I am trying to show [via the play] is that the intrigue of power, pride and ambition, at times, eventually leads to people getting hurt and dying in war (referring to the plot of Julius Caesar).”

The theatrical act highlights the instances when ambition can sometimes divorce itself from good ideas and kindness. The director goes on to explain, “In the end, none of it matters, as we are all going to meet the same fate. So, perhaps, we could do something better and bit constructively. With all of my work so far, I am interested in the themes of humanity and contradiction of humanity.”

Antakshari Surendra Piwal, a 17-year-old theatre student at Salaam Bombay Foundation’s Academy of the Arts, is excited for her role of a commoner in the play. She says, “I am happy to have got this opportunity. For my role, I observed people around me to get a better understanding of the character [in terms of how a layman lives]. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m looking forward to performing on stage.”

Playing the role of Marcus Brutus, actor Akshat Mishra says, “I had the privilege of portraying the role of Brutus, a noble Roman senator, orator and a famed assassin. It is every actor’s dream to explore the works of Shakespeare at some point in their career. It was extremely nerve-racking as such roles come with a huge responsibility.”

What: Julius Caesar

Where: The Royal Opera House, Girgaon

When: April 24

Timing: 7pm onwards

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