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Recipe: Let this Turkish Coffee with Green Cardamom flaunt your barista skills

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All we want to do this Sunday evening is pretend we are in a Turkish romantic drama and savour a cup of Turkish coffee with bae, brewed in a copper coffee pot. Preparing an excellent cup of Turkish coffee is a splendid way to show off your coffee-making skills.

This coffee brewing method is not filtered as the coffee powder is grounded so finely that it resembles flour and becomes a part of the drink. It’s a very simple brewing technique but needs lots of practice to get a nice foamy head on the top.

Check below for the recipe of Turkish Coffee with Green Cardamom if you too, like us, are obsessed with Turkish dramas:


2 demi-tasse cup full of cold water

2 tbsp extra finely-ground coffee, dark-roasted Arabica coffee is traditional. Other types of coffee beans will work and a blend of dark and lighter roasts is enjoyable.

1 to 3 tsp sugar, options: There are three sweetness levels for Turkish coffee: “less sweet” uses 1/2 teaspoon of sugar per cup, “medium sweet” uses 1 teaspoon per cup (equal to the amount of coffee) and “extra sweet” uses 2 teaspoons per cup. You can also skip the sugar entirely.

1 green cardamom


For preparing two cups of coffee, pour the water into the cezve. Add sugar and for a hint of spice, add a whole green cardamom pod or just crushed cardamom to the cezve with the coffee.

Mix well to dissolve together with water. Do not stir after this point. Place the cezve on the stovetop over medium heat. After a few minutes, the coffee will rise and foam up.

Just before it begins to boil, remove the cezve from the heat. Skim off the foam, adding a little to each serving cup. Return the cezve to the heat and let it slowly foam up again.

Pour the coffee very slowly into the serving cups so the foam rises to the top. Let the coffee settle for a few minutes, then serve.

(Recipe: Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer)


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Drinking coffee before sleeping for a short period of time affects adenosine, a chemical that promotes sleep and increases brain’s capacity to receive caffeine. Before taking a 15–20 minutes nap, not before bed though, experts propose consuming caffeine right before falling asleep.

An 18 studies review on 457,922 people revealed that each daily cup of coffee was associated with a 7% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Coffee drinkers enjoy even a lower risk of premature death, as per a 20-year study which revealed that individuals with type 2 diabetes, who drank coffee, had a 30% lower risk of death and a few other studies found that consuming the beverage was linked with a 26% decreased risk of death in women and a 20% reduced risk of death in men, over 18–24 years.

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