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Ramadan 2022: Know the moon sighting significance

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Ramadan 2022: Ramadan is almost here. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is celebrated all over the world by the Muslims. Ramadan is referred to as the month of fasting, prayers and community. The pre-dawn meal is called suhur and the night feast which marks the end of the fast is known as Iftar. Iftar traditionally starts with the bite of date and by drinking water, however, that leads to sumptuous meals of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian spread. Iftar dishes and desserts are prepared at homes, restaurants, by mosques and in street stalls.

Ramadan also observes beautiful traditions all over the world. Beside relishing on lip-smacking dishes and praying, it is celebrated with beautiful lanterns in Egypt. In Pakistan, people observe Iftar by visiting the local bazaar for the chaand raat celebrations. Chaand raat or the moon sighting holds a lot of religious importance for Ramadan.

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The crescent moon holds a lot of religious significance for the Muslims. The moon sighting also denotes the start and the end of the month of Ramadan. Before Ramadan starts, people and religious authorities start looking up to the night sky to view the crescent moon. The looking for the crescent moon as a tradition has been followed for thousands of years.

The month of Ramadan is preceded by the month of Shaaban. The month of Ramadan begins after sunset on the day 29 of the month of Shaaban when the moon sighting traditions are followed. The crescent moon is of high importance for the Islam community. It is often used in decorations, lanterns, gifts and sweets exchanged during festivals.

Often telescopes and radio telescopes are used to aid moon-sighting traditions to get correct predictions. Observers are directed to be in a remote location, free of pollution and on a high ground to be able to sight the crescent moon and start the traditions of Ramadan.

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