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Panic at Moroccan Wedding as Deadly Earthquake Strikes

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Panic at Moroccan Wedding as Deadly Earthquake Strikes

A joyous wedding celebration turned into chaos and panic as a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Morocco on Friday night. Shocking video footage shows the exact moment the quake struck a wedding venue in Marrakech, sending musicians and guests running for their lives.

The quake, centered 72 km southwest of Marrakech, has left over 2,000 dead and thousands more injured across Morocco. Buildings were reduced to rubble, including parts of the historic red walls surrounding Morocco’s cultural capital. It is the deadliest earthquake to hit the country since 1960.

The now-viral wedding video shows an orchestra playing for a crowded reception hall when suddenly the ground starts violently shaking. The band abruptly stops playing as the singer and musicians realize what’s happening. Screams are heard as the group abandons their instruments and flee for the exit along with the panicked wedding guests.

Outside, the scene was one of bedlam as people attempted to escape from buildings and reach safety. Many became trapped in the twisted wreckage as emergency crews raced to pull victims from the debris. Hospitals quickly became overwhelmed with the injured.

The earthquake has shocked Morocco and the world, leaving huge swaths of damage concentrated near the quake’s epicenter. As aftershocks continue, rescuers desperately work to locate survivors. Global leaders, including India’s Prime Minister Modi, have offered condolences and assistance to Morocco during this devastating natural disaster.

This heartbreaking video serves as a sobering reminder of the incredible power of seismic forces. In just seconds, joy turned to terror for those celebrating at the ill-fated wedding. Morocco now begins the long process of mourning the victims, caring for survivors, and rebuilding after this tragedy.

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