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Oscars bartender reveals what happened after Will Smith and Chris Rock’s ‘slap’ in viral tweet

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A private bartender has revealed what happened at the Dolby Theatre after Will Smith attacked Chris Rock in an incident that shook Hollywood.

Will Smith‘s attack on Chris Rock is still the hottest topic in the world of entertainment. More perspectives, accounts, opinions are trickling in even though it’s been more than a day since the incident. Will has also apologised publicly to Chris but social media is still going to talk about it some more. Joining the conversation now is a bartender who served drinks at the ceremony and firsthand witnessed what happened at the venue. (Also read: Kangana Ranaut shares pics of Will Smith doing puja in India, says he’s ‘bidga hua Sanghi’ like her)

Daniel Ralston, who describes himself on Twitter as ‘Bartender/Writer’, said he was on duty at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday night when he witnessed the chaos unfold. He wrote in a tweet, “Bartended the Oscars. Everybody stopped drinking after the slap.” The tweet got 224,000 likes and 8000 retweets.

Daniel also revealed which celebrity he thought was the ‘nicest’. “Nicest celebs of the night were Reba and Rami Malek,” he wrote. Sharing another story from the night, he tweeted, “Also overheard an excellent interaction with a celebrity couple. They asked where they could smoke. It was suggested they go to the 5th Floor lounge. They responded with, ‘Is there somewhere closer, where the bartenders smoke?’ They were taken to the dumpsters.”

When people on Twitter asked him to reveal more gossip about film stars, he wrote, “Hello to anyone who followed me for hot celebrity gossip. That is the extent of what I can tweet about my job as a private event bartender, unless you want drink recipes. I think I was making a Lemondrop in this pic.”

Will Smith lost his temper after presenter Chris Rock made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head. Will walked up to Chris on stage and slapped him hard across the face. He later won the Best Actor award for his performance in King Richard. In his acceptance speech, Will apologised to the academy but not to Chris. It was only on Tuesday morning that he shared an apology for Chris as well on Instagram. He said that he was embarrassed for what he did.


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