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Masala Shikanji to quench your thirst and treat your tastebuds. Recide inside

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Summer is the time of throats drying up from the scorching heat and the sun. It is also the time of stirring up great tasty drinks which are healthy as well as tasty. The season of lip-smacking drinks is here. Summer is the time of exciting fruits, vegetables and food items. It is also the time when we feel the need of quenching our thirst every now and then. The heat and the sweat make us thirsty and we feel the need of replacing the electrolytes and the water lost in sweat. Masala Shikanji is one of those summer drinks which we all relate to. The goodness of lemon mixed with a whirlpool of masalas which makes it tasty, healthy and something that we look forward to having in summer.

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Chef Kunal Kapur, who keeps sharing tasty recipes of such summer drinks on his Instagram profile on a regular basis, shared a super easy recipe of masala shikanji which you can make at home with easily available ingredients and relish with your family. Take a look at the recipe for all those summer evenings which you can top up your conversations with family with a glass of masala shikanji.


Lemon – 3nos

Sugar – 2½ tbsp

Salt – to taste

Black Salt – ½ tsp

Coriander powder – 2tsp

Black Pepper Powder – 2 tsp

Roasted Cumin Powder – 1tsp

Ice Cubes – Few

Mint Leaves – handful

Chilled Water – to top up

Chilled Soda Water – to top up


Take two glasses. Squeeze the lemons equally in both the glasses. Add sugar, salt, black salt, coriander powder, pepper powder, cumin powder and ice cubes to the glasses and keep stirring till the sugar dissolves. Then take a mortar pestle and lightly crush the mint leaves and add to both the glasses. In one glass, add water and in the other, add soda. Serve chilled.

(Recipe: Kunal Kapur, Chef)

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