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Make breakfast more exciting with mango jam. Recipe inside

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Summer has been taken over by mangoes already. The lip-smacking fruit, which is awaited every year, has made its way in our lives and on our plates. Mangoes are extremely loved as a fruit. The fruit comes with a variety of dishes that can be made with it as the prime attraction. From sweets, to jam, to shakes to simply having pieces of mangoes as dessert after lunch, the fruit is everyone’s favourite and for obvious reasons.

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Mango jam is one of the main attractions of summer as it can be stores and can be relished even after summer. Mango jam can be used with bread or with meals. Chef Kunal Kapur shared a super easy recipe of mango jam on his Instagram profile and motivated us to try it at home. “Mango Jam can be kept in refrigeration for 1 month or so. If canned properly, an unopened jar of jam should keep a number of months, which helps you enjoy that lovely flavour longer,” he added.


For a jar of 450 grams:

1 cup or 200 gms Raw mango chopped

3 cups or 600 gms Ripe mango chopped

3/4 cup or 150 gms Sugar


Add raw and ripe mango together into the mixer grinder and grind them to a fine puree. In case you want the jam to be bit chunky, you can leave a few pieces in there. Now add the puree to a pan and add sugar to it. Bring the puree to a boil and keep cooking in low heat till the quantity of the puree reduces to its one-third. The bright yellow colour of the puree will also become darker with more time. Remove it from the pan and cool it down completely before storing it in a jar. Refrigerate it and use within a month.

(Recipe: Kunal Kapur, Chef)

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