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Life Is Finished Here”: How Deadly Morocco Earthquake Wiped Out A Village

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Life Is Finished Here": How Deadly Morocco Earthquake Wiped Out A Village

The remote village of Tikht in central Morocco has been completely devastated by the 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the region on Friday night. With over 2,000 dead across Morocco, Tikht was at the epicenter and saw extensive damage that has effectively wiped the small rural village off the map.

Rescuers have been painstakingly searching through heavy rubble to retrieve bodies of victims, including 25-year-old Mina Ait Bihi who was to be married soon. Her fiancé Omar Ait Mbarek was on the phone with her when the quake hit, listening helplessly as items crashed down before the line went dead.

Like many villages across Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Tikht was mainly constructed from traditional materials like stone, timber, and mud mortar, leaving the structures vulnerable to powerful seismic activity. With nearly 100 families calling it home before, the village is now completely flattened into piles of debris.

“Life is finished here,” said former resident Mohssin Aksum, 33, surveying the absolute destruction. “The village is dead.”

According to locals, earthquakes were never a major concern despite the seismic risk of the region. Basic building codes and earthquake-resilient construction methods could have potentially saved lives.

For survivors, almost nothing remains of their homes and livelihoods that were meager to begin with. Livestock, belongings, and family members have all been buried under the crumbled buildings.

“Now people have less than nothing,” Aksum lamented.

Morocco has deployed emergency aid to house survivors in tents and provide essential supplies. But the hard-hit villages face a long road to rebuild and recover. For the bereaved, like Ait Mbarek, the losses are irreplaceable. “I will rebuild my house,” he insisted, grasping his late fiancee’s recovered cellphone.

But for many in Tikht, the future is now uncertain after the devastating earthquake wiped their village off the map.

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