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Kiara Advani suggests 5 skincare must-do’s for the winter season

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We have all wondered how celebrities manage to maintain such flawless skin round the clock and with Bollywood hottie Kiara Advani posting her no-makeup selfies on social media platforms, we can’t help but admire the actor’s flawless and glowing skin. Be it her acting choices, her sartorial choices or her beauty game, she knows her way to get the audiences show more love for her each day.

The winter season is not the best time for one’s skin, especially if you suffer from dryness and though we all want a glowing skin that radiates from within this fall and winter season, with so many products and tips to choose from, most of us feel overwhelmed. In the rush to achieve Insta-worthy skin, it is common to skip the most important step in any fall/winter skincare routine – determining your skin type.

Recommendations by experts at this time of year are useful for understanding the dos and don’ts of winter skincare. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Kiara spilled the beans on her glow-giving secrets and suggested the following must-dos to achieve healthy, hydrated and glowing skin –

1. Understanding your skin type: Before selecting any product, you must first ascertain your skin type. To ensure that your skincare regime works perfectly fine, it is essential to consistently apply the right products to your skin for good results. In order to do that, make a note of it when you wake up in the morning. However, it is imperative to follow a routine and choose skincare as well as beauty products made from effective formulations – working in your favor to hydrate and nourish the skin, revealing its natural radiance by dodging dryness.

2. A serum-inclusive skincare routine: We all love how radiant the skin feels after a skincare routine. However, the importance of face serum is yet to be discovered by a lot of audiences. We generally tend to use a lot of products, layer after layer on our face. This generally happens when serums don’t typically sink into skin but penetrate in seconds. Kiara revealed, “My first step is to cleanse my skin, followed by the application of a face serum.” She suggested opting for a serum that really makes your skin feel hydrated and because of its non-sticky texture, makes skin feels softer with the instant gloss and notice an actual difference in the texture, clarity and especially the tone of the skin.

3. A workout routine that makes you happy: A workout routine is as important as any other, and it’s also true that working out releases hormones (endorphins) that keep the skin alive and add to its overall glow. So have a routine that works for you, in place. I do suggest a 4-5 day active workout a week for keeping yourself and your skin fit!

5. Starting the day with nutrients: Starting your day with some lukewarm water and lemon contributes to a healthy metabolism, cleansing your skin, the system, as well as refreshing your body. Kiara’s nutritious lunch consists of ‘Ghar ka khaana’ – simple roti and vegetables such as spinach, pumpkin and sprouts with a minimal amount of salt and oil. The more you eat healthy food, the finer your skin becomes, she said.

Just by adhering to these simple steps shared by Kiara Advani, you can also make your own path to achieve flawless skin. So what are you waiting for, it is time for you to try them out and let us know!

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