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Influencer tries to roast Katrina Kaif’s cooking skills by sending her too simple recipes, she has a humble reply

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Popular social media influence Freddy Birdy shared some ‘simple’ recipes for Katrina Kaif to try out. However, she took his roast rather sportingly.

Katrina Kaif had the sweetest reply when an influencer tries to roast her cooking skills. Freddy Birdy, who has a popular Instagram page that is followed by multiple celebrities, shared a bunch of ‘simple’ recipes that Katrina could try to cook. (Also read: After Deepika Padukone’s ‘moron’ barb, influencer says it’s ‘the only non-fake thing she’s said in her entire career’)

He suggested she tried out raw mango pickle, chilly cheese toast and mangoes and ice cream. He also recommended Chinese food but told her to order it instead. Sharing his recipe for boiling eggs, he reminded Katrina to peel the shell before eating it.

He later shared Katrina’s reply to all his recommendations. Replying to chilly cheese toast recipe, she wrote, “This is not easy.” Freddy posted her reply on his stories and wrote, “Why I love Katrina Kaif. Also proof that she is as funny as she is beautiful.”

The entire interaction was shared on Reddit by a user. Fans thought Freddy was giving unwanted ‘gyan’ while others loved Katrina’s response. “Lmao her response,” wrote a fan. “She took it in good spirit but some of these were pretty insulting tbh specially the boiled eggs one,” wrote another. Someone pointed out that 20 minutes are way too long to boil an egg. “Well he clearly doesn’t know how to cook. 20 mins on stove to boil an egg. Overcooked to grey,” they said.

Another speculated on the origins of the shady posts. Recently, Katrina had shared a picture of a plate of scrambled eggs she made for her husband Vicky Kaushal. “He was shading Katrina as halwa n egg maker. She turned the joke on him. Kat didn’t come this far without tact and brains,” wrote a fan.

Recently, Freddy got into a messy tiff with actor Deepika Padukone. He had shared a post on her film Gehraiyaan and made a comment on how ‘hemlines and necklines’ are getting shorter and longer as the release date approached. Deepika posted a message for ‘morons’ on Instagram Stories without mentioning anyone by name. Freddy reacted to it by saying that was the most genuine reaction she had had to something in a while.

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