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In 39 degrees, Milind Soman is fighting lazy like this…

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Summer has made its way in our lives. In some of the places in India, the current temperature stands somewhere between 35 degrees to 40 degrees. With the scorching heat and the humidity, people are unable to make their way out of their homes. The heat is also tiring out people, making them dizzy and dehydrated. In such a situation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry on with the daily fitness routine. However, Milind Soman cannot go a day without fighting his laziness and combating it with daily dose of fitness.

With the change in temperature and the scorching heat, Milind may not be able to adhere to his daily fitness routine, but he can change it according to the situation and still fight lazy. Milind, model, actor and fitness enthusiast, keeps sharing snippets of his fitness diaries on his Instagram profile on a regular basis. From performing his routine in a park to his home garden to setting major couple fitness goals by performing workouts with wife Ankita Konwar for company, Milind keeps setting the bar higher for us to conquer.

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A day back, Milind shared a video of himself working out in a park. Instead of doing his usual pullups, he had to improvise in order to beat the rising heat of Mumbai. “Mumbai temperature today feels like 39°! Didn’t feel like doing my usual set of pullups but I had to fight lazy so did just one pullup. 30secs up and 20secs down,” he wrote. In the video, Milind can be seen slowly pulling himself upwards while holding a bar and then coming back down.

Pullups help in strengthening the arm, shoulder and back muscles. I also helps in improving the grip strength and the overall fitness level of the body. Performing pullups on a daily basis helps in boosting physical and mental health as well.

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