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How to stay fit after forty: Expert shares tips

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After women get over their thirties and step into their forties, they undergo a lot of change in their body. The metabolism of the body – which was faster until then – starts to slow down and hence, less calories are burnt in a lesser time. This further leads to weight gain and losing weight becomes a long journey. Sugar craving of the body also increases and the energy level starts to drop. Women, who are active in their fitness routine, also starts to gain weight around their abdominal region, owing to the less metabolic rate.

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But this can be curbed with some changes introduced in the daily life. From changing the diet and watching what we eat to performing the right kind of exercise routine on a daily basis, women after forty can lead a healthier life. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, who is known for sharing fitness-related tips and information on her Instagram profile on a regular basis, shared her insights on how to maintain fitness after forty. She noted down the tips that must be inculcated in the daily routine:

Snack on nuts and seeds – Instead of going for processed foods and sugary food items, Anjali recommended that women should snack on healthy food items such as nuts and seeds – mostly almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds as they are loaded with nutrients.

Protein intake – Anjali recommended that the protein intake of the body should be increased after reaching the age of forty.

Exercise – More exercise means more fitness. It is suggested to stick to a fitness routine and perform it dedicatedly on a daily basis to stay fit and in shape.

Add fibre to the diet – Sanja, chia seeds and Isabgul are loaded with fibres and bring several health benefits to the body. The nutritionist suggested that fibres in the form of these food items should be included in the diet.

Fill the void – Be aware of the deficiencies that the body has and in turn take the necessary supplements required by the body.

Consume whole grains – Whole dals, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables should be consumed every day, especially in the form of home-made food. However, Anjali also mentioned that while eating out, grains should be avoided.

Sleep – Sleep helps in rejuvenating the body and relaxing the mind. The nutritionist suggested that women above forty should follow the sleep duration of 8 hours a day to rest their body and mind.

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