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From ageing to moisturising, Shaheen Bhatt busts four men skincare myths

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Skincare is for everybody. While it is constantly stereotyped that skincare is part of a woman’s selfcare routine, it is not true at all. Men need skincare as well. Skincare, an integral part of self-care, involves washing, moisturising, using anti-ageing elements and drinking plenty of water which contributes to healthy and glowing skin. Shaheen Bhatt, who keeps sharing skin-related tips and tricks on her Instagram profile on a daily basis, busted four men skincare myths in her recent posts. “Here is a compilation of some myths about men’s skincare that we need to stop believing,” she added.

Body soap for the face – Men are often seen using body soap as a face wash. However, this can prove to be harmful for the facial skin. Facial skin is lot more sensitive than the rest of the body. When body soap is used on face, it can take away the natural oils from the face, leading to breakouts and making the beard dry. A gentle cleanser based on the skin type may best suit the face.

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No moisturiser for men – Men are believed to have more oily skin than females. However, that is just a myth. In case of oily skin as well, when it doesn’t get enough moisturiser, the skin overcompensates by producing more oil, leading to breakouts. In reality, moisturising is for everyone.

Men’s skin age better – Men’s skin is believed to age better than that of a female. In some cases, it is true, states Shaheen Bhatt. However, as the ageing is better, it also leads to deeper wrinkles on men’s faces with age. Shaheen Bhatt recommended using anti-ageing products at the age of early 30s in order to keep the skin looking younger.

Shaving cream with more foam – People generally beieve that shaving creams consisting of more foam and lather are better for the skin. However, it is the elements in the shaving cream which make it better and healthier. Shaheen recommended using shaving cream with ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin.

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