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Do you forgive easily? How it can work wonders for your relationship, health

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You may get your share of criticism for letting go and forgiving people in no time by your friends and well-wishers. You may even earn a tag of happy-go-lucky for your easy-going attitude by many, as could be quick to forgive yourself too! However, forgiveness is worth it, considering unresolved conflict and long-held resentment could affect your physical and mental health in ways you cannot imagine. Emptying your mind from a huge burden of repetitive and toxic thoughts about someone or a situation, can be liberating and its impact can be felt in your relationships and also your overall well-being. (Also read: How to deal with emotional triggers? Expert offers insights)

“The standard acquired in psychology says that forgiveness is a good thing and it also conveys a number of benefits, whether you have experienced a little slight or you have suffered a much more serious pain. This includes both forgiving yourself as well as others too,” says Dr Pallavi Joshi, Consultant Psychologist at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, New Delhi.

Forgive your partner to strengthen your bond

While forgiveness does not mean you forget and repeat the same mistakes again, it also means you can move forward. In case of romantic relationships, unconditional forgiveness can make your bond grow stronger and deeper over a period of time. Forgiveness in relationships is to accept that like them, their partners can be flawed too and this attitude promotes understanding, empathy and compassion.

Unconditional forgiveness can help a bond stay strong(Pexels)

“Having a understanding and forgiving attitude towards yourself and others is also a good component of successful relationships. Being able to build close emotional connection with others is important, but for this you also need the ability to repair those bonds when they get damaged,” says the psychologist.

The habit of forgiving others can help heal one from an abusive relationships too as one can move forward in life by letting go. It although doesn’t mean tolerating abuse or violence of any form or not retaliating if something wrong has been done to you. Forgiving means once the storm has passed off, you decide to discard the remnants of negativity from your life.

Self-forgiveness, the ultimate healer

This also includes self-forgiveness. People at times find it difficult to forgive themselves or accept their shortcomings. They also have repetitive thoughts about what different they could have done in a given situation.

“Letting go the things that are hurting you and offering yourself forgiveness can help you to boost your feelings of wellness and make you ready to improve your image in front of you. Several studies shows that when people practice self-forgiveness, they experience lower levels of anxiety and depression. But once you forgive yourself and others, your self-compassion will associates you with higher levels of success, productivity, focus, and concentration,” says Dr Joshi.

How forgiveness can boost your health

Dr Joshi says the deed of forgiveness also works wonders for our physical health as research shows that forgiveness can improve your body cholesterol level, reduce body pain, headache and blood pressure, and also reduce the risk of a heart attack.

How forgiveness can give us emotional freedom

“Forgiveness is very important for emotional freedom and moving on in life to achieve successful happiness and self-worth. Conclusion is to remember the lessons given by the experience. So forgive but don’t forget, so one will not repeat the same mistakes,” concludes Dr Joshi.

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