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Do men need skincare? Shaheen Bhatt busts myths

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Skincare is a crucial part of the selfcare routine which involves taking care of the skin, making it healthy and glowing. It comes through a lot of skincare products, consumption of water and intake of certain nutrients through our diet which helps in contributing to the health of our skin. However, it is widely believed that skincare is only followed by women. The society constantly stereotypes skincare as a part of a woman’s regime and not that of a man. However, that’s not true. Skincare is for everybody – Shaheen Bhatt busted the age-old myth with an informative post on skincare for men and its benefits on her recent Instagram post.

Shaheen addressed the myth and wrote that skincare indeed is for everyone who loves their skin and believes in taking care of it. It is a part of the personal care regime and should be taken up by everyone who are concerned about their skin. Just like women, men’s skin also has pores, fine lines, textures and acne. It is healthy to be concerned about the health of the skin and take necessary steps in caring for it.

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Shaheen also noted down the reasons why men should focus on skincare too. She wrote that skincare helps in curing acne – men are more prone to acne than women. Skincare also helps in preventing oil secretion while controlling the pH level. It also helps in preventing the skin from showcasing signs of ageing. Men’s skin is also prone to the harm of the UV rays – skincare helps in preventing the skin from it. “Here’s putting an end to this question. Swipe to know why men need skincare,” wrote Shaheen. Read her post here:

With age, skin loses hydration, brightness and glow – skincare helps in preventing the skin from showing such symptoms. It also helps in reducing pores, wrinkles and under eye circles. Skincare should be taken seriously as it helps the skin to stay hydrated, healthy and glowing.

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