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Discover your home decor personality: Tips and tricks to find your style

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Just as clothes are an extension of you, your home too is a reflection of who you are and of your personality. So the space you live in should speak volumes about you and it is the most critical element while styling or decorating one’s home. Your home decor personality reflects your personal style and tastes in decorating your living space. A lot of factors usually influence our bent towards a specific kind of interior look including age group, family set-up, demographic set-up, lifestyle, and the socio-economic standing of an individual. Knowing your home decor personality can help you make informed decisions when selecting furniture, colours, patterns, and textures for your home. (Also read: Home, interior decor tips: 10 minimalist bedroom design ideas to create a calming space )

One helpful way to find your home decor personality is to ask yourself some questions about your lifestyle, interests, and preferences.(Unsplash)

Neha Jhunjhunwala, home decor enthusiast and founder of Onset Homes, shared with HT Lifestyle, some easy questions and tips that could help you understand your personal home decor style.

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