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Dhruv Stambh : The Hindu Monument That Became Qutub Minar A Symbol Of Islamic Destructive Doctrine

by Shraddha TDC
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Did you know that Qutub Minar was actually Dhruv Stambh or Vishnu Dhwaj that existed even before the times of Raja Vikramaditya? It had Arabic motifs and scripts retro-installed by Qutubuddin  Aibak between 1191 – 1210 AD, followed by his successors Iltutmish, Alauddin etc till 1315 AD.
If we look at Qutub Minar from top angle, it has a lotus of 24 petals. Lotus certainly is not an Islamic symbol, but it is ancient Vedic symbol.
Adjoining Mehrauli (Sanskrit word Mihira-awali) township is where the well known astronomer Varaha-Mihira of Vikramaditya’s court lived along with his helpers, mathematicians and technicians.

Mihir alias Varah Mihir was the renowned mathematician, astronomer, and scientist in Vikramaditya’s court who was the author of the famous book ‘Vrihatsamhitayam’. There is an estimation that this observatory was set up during 4th Century A.D to 6th Century A.D.

They used the Vishnu Stambh as an observation post for astronomical study. Around the tower were pavilions dedicated to the 27 constellations of the Vedic Astrology.

Dome of the so called Qutub Minar has multiple lotuses embeded within each other similar to Sri Yantra, from inner view.

Muslim captors dismantled surface stones of the so-called Qutub Minar reversed them and inscribed Quran on the exterior. Forgery in stone came to light as those stones started falling off the tower. Below is picture of two pieces with Hindu images carved on one side and subsequent Islamic lettering on the other.

Qutub Minar still faces north towards the pole star, Dhruv. This is not a feature of Islamic architecture.

Statues of Hindu deities have been destroyed or even thrown-out of it.

Quwwatul-Islam Mosque was bulit upon 27 Hindu and Jain temples. Description of this destruction is mentioned in the Qutub premises.

There is a prohibition in Islam to have motifs of God or humans. Still, these are visible in Qutub Minar. The war scene from Ramayan Mahabharat.

This article can go on and on with endless evidences to prove that Qutub Minar is actually Dhruv Stambh. Many Historians and archaeologists even the Muslim ones have clearly stated this truth. Official restoration of the 27 Hindu and Jain temple along with recognition of Qutub Minar as what it originally is (Dhruv Stambh), is possible only when Indians know the truth and raise this demand.

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