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Congress works to unite, BJP to divide: Rahul Gandhi

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JAIPUR: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for “creating divisions” while saying his party works to unite all. “We work to help the needy, the weak, and they [BJP] for few industrialists,” he said.

Speaking at a public meeting in southern Rajasthan’s tribal-dominated Banswara district, Gandhi said the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi want to create one India for the rich, a few industrialists, and the other for Dalits, tribals, farmers, the poor, and the underprivileged. “This is the fight.” He added it is a fight between two ideologies. “Congress says we have to move forward while connecting all, respecting and protecting cultures of all. On the other hand, BJP works to divide, crush and suppress.”

Gandhi accused Modi of damaging the economy after it strengthened under the previous Congress-led United Progressive Government (UPA) government. “The BJP government attacked our economy. The Prime Minister did demonetisation and wrongly implemented GST due to which the economy got destroyed. The UPA government worked to strengthen the economy but Modi damaged our economy.”

Gandhi said there is no employment for youth while the inflation is increasing. He spoke about the repealed farm laws and claimed a few selected industrialists were supposed to get their benefits.

Gandhi praised Rajasthan’s Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government for working in the interest of farmers, tribals, Dalits, and all sections of society. He appreciated the opening of English-medium government schools and the Chiranjeevi Health insurance scheme under which up to 10 lakh cover is provided in Rajasthan. “There is no other state in India with such a scheme…Rajasthan is a pioneer.”

Gehlot echoed Gandhi and called the country’s situation worrisome. “The country will progress only when there is peace and harmony. We are proud to be Hindus but it is our duty to respect other religions as well. Our policies and programmes are in the country’s interest.”

Gehlot spoke about communal riots and questioned who benefits from them. “…which party? It is the workers of the same party who are creating riots. We need to keep the country united and it should run on the basis of the Constitution.”

Opposition BJP leader Vasudev Devnani hit back and accused Congress of working to divide the country since partition. “Always criticising Modi and BJP will not help them. It is the BJP that works to unite the people. The country’s economy has improved since Modi became the Prime Minister.”

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