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Chaitra Navratri Day 1: Maa Shailputri puja vidhi, samagri, mantra, ghatasthapana muhurat

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Chaitra Navratri 2022 Day 1: Chaitra Navratri 2022 begins on April 2, 2022 with ghatasthapana, the ritual which marks the beginning of the nine days of fasting. Nine different avatars of Maa Durga are worshipped on each day of Navratri. Day 1 is dedicated to Maa Shailputri. The goddess rides the bull Nandi and holds a trident and a lotus flower in her right and left hand respectively. A crescent moon adorns her forehead. (Also read: Chaitra Navratri 2022: When is Chaitra Navratri? Significance, history, rituals, puja timings and all you need to know)

The nine avatars of goddess Durga that are worshipped during Navratri festival are Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skanda Mata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri.

Maa Shailputri, worshipped on the first day of Navratri, is considered to be the devi of root chakra or Muladhara Chakra and the colour that is associated with her is red. Known to be a form of Parvati and a reincarnation of Sati, she is the daughter of Himavat – the king of the Himalayas.

Goddess Shailputri puja mantra

1. Om Devi Shailaputryai Namah

2. Vande Vanchhitalabhaya Chandrardhakritashekharam

Vrisharudham Shuladharam Shailaputrim Yashasvinim

3. Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Shailaputri Rupena Samsthita

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah


Significance of ghatasthapana

The nine days of fasting during Navratri begins with the ritual of ghatasthapana or kalash sthapana, which marks the invocation of the goddess Durga. As per the ritual, in an earthen pot, seeds of wheat, barley, corn or rice are sown and holi thread is tied around the neck of the pot. It is kept at puja sthaan and the goddess is invoked and requested to accept the prayers and reside in the kalash for nine days. An akhand deepak is kept near the pot for nine days.

Puja samagri for ghatasthapana

Clay pot, clean soil, seeds, sacred water, sacred thread or mauli, supari, coins, a lid to cover kalash, raw rice or akshat, unpeeled coconut, red cloth to wrap coconut, flowers and garlands, durva grass are among the items that form puja samagri on the day of ghatasthapana.

Ghatasthapana muhurat

Ghatasthapana muhurat begins on April 2 from 6:10 am and ends at 8:29am.

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