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BTS’ V gives fan a bouquet during concert, they toss it back; fans joke: ‘Army be like: Go to your Olivia’

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BTS member V threw a bouquet at a fan on day one of their Permission To Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas. In a video, shared by a fan on Instagram, V was walked on the stage at the Allegiant Stadium on Friday. During the Permission To Dance performance, V mouthed ‘hey’ before tossing the bouquet to someone in the audience. However, the person returned it to V. (Also Read | BTS PTD on Stage Las Vegas day 2: Jin and Suga duck as fans throw soft toys at them. Jungkook sits on V’s lap, Watch)

In the video, V made a shocked face after the bouquet was sent back to him on the stage. But a moment later, he smiled, saying ‘ah okay okay’, and then walked away with the bouquet. V was wearing a white T-shirt, brown leather jacket, denim pam, and sneakers.

Reacting to the fan returning the bouquet, a person commented, “Tae friend zones armies, army UNO reverse card.” “They were like ‘No love you take it’, ARMY: No love you deserve more,” wrote a fan. “The first ARMY to reject Taehyung. JK ahahhahha, Taee was like: Eh? Ah okay okay,” said a fan.

“Army be like: Go to your Olivia,” wrote a fan. “The way realisation hit him,” said another person. “I wanna do this so bad to Jungkook and tell him ‘This is how I felt when you ignored my feelings’,” commented another fan. “I guess because it was given by other ARMY.. she/he wanted him to keep it,” said a person.

During another segment of the concert, after Jungkook finished his lines of Airplane Pt. 2, V pulled him and started dancing. Fans in the stadium were heard screaming and cheering for them. The video was shared on Twitter and reacting to it a fan said, “Ommgggg I’m almost cryinggggg.” “I am losing everything right now #Taekook,” said another person.

A fan tweeted,”Screaming crying shaking throwing up I can’t do this anymore.” “As a Latin dancer, that’s how you know two people have never done this before. It was cute though, nice try,” commented another person.

BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook held their first concert in Las Vegas on Friday and the second on Saturday. They performed songs such as Dope, ON (remix), Blue & Grey, DNA, Fake Love, Butter, Black Swan, Telepathy, Stay, So What, Outro:Wings, IDOL (remix), Airplane Pt2, Baepsae, Life Goes On, and Dis-ease among others. They will next perform on April 15-16.

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