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Bengaluru : Biker runs into open car door, rammed by a truck next. Video

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Written by Pathi Venkata Thadhagath | Edited by Chandrashekar Srinivasan

Bengaluru Traffic police on Thursday shared a horrific video that showed two people on a two-wheeler that crashed after it ran into an open car door and then were rammed by a truck.

Police shared the video to urge people in cars to be careful when opening the doors – to make sure they look both ways before doing so.

Kala Krishna Swamy, deputy commissioner (traffic) shared the and wrote, “Please be aware when you are opening the doors of your vehicle and avoid fatal mishaps.”

In the video, the biker and the pillion rider were on a road and passing a parked car, the driver of which did not check traffic to see the bike when he opened the car door.

The bike hit the door and the two people on the motorcycle fell to the road, where a truck from the opposite direction rammed into them.

The condition of the two bikers is unknown.

The video has been widely shared online and several others have also urged people to be careful on the road. Former city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao wrote, “In (the) absence of quality road engineering and mistakes of others and systems follies and failures, we just have to save our life… careful, careful and careful all the time… till you run out of luck.”

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