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Azma Fallah says her mother has asked her to marry Lock Upp prison guard: ‘No one outside would marry me now’

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Lock Upp contestant Azma Fallah told a guard at the captivity-based reality show that she wants to marry him. She told him that her mother, who had recently visited the show, had told her that she should marry the guard as no one outside the jail would marry her because of their relationship. The guard, who has been named G6, remained silent at Azma’s antics as per the show’s format. Also Read| Lock Upp: Azma Fallah’s mom warns Munawar Faruqui his friends are plotting against him; says, ‘sab plan bana rahe hain’

Azma has often been spotted flirting with the guard, whose responsibility is to keep the prisoners in line and forward them the messages from host Kangana Ranaut and jailor Karan Kundrra. In an earlier episode, Azma was seen standing next to the guard asking her co-contestants how they look together. In a new promo of the show, shared on Tuesday, Azma was seen asking G6 to marry her.

The promo started with Azma in the kitchen asking, ‘kahan hai hamara G (where is my G)’ after which she kept calling his name. She ultimately found him and said, “Kahan ho G? G baat suno, baat serious hai, thik hai. Aisi harkatein meri ki bahar ladke shaadi nahi karenge mujhse. Meri mummy tabse G6 ko dundh rahi hai ki G6 kahan hai (Where are you G? Listen to me, it’s a serious matter. No man outside will marry me now because of my actions. My mom has been searching for G6 that where is he).”

She further added, “Rishta pakka ho chuka hai. Bahar ladke shaadi karne ko ready nahi hain Azma se. To mummy bol rahi hai abhi G6 se hi shaadi karni hai (Our marriage has been fixed. Men outside aren’t ready to marry Azma, so my mom is saying that you have to marry G6 now).” As Munawar Faruqui told her that G6 is already married, she said that it doesn’t matter, after which the guard started banging his stick on the bars as a signal to Azma to stop.

Azma’s mother had recently visited the show, during which she had warned Munawar about his friends plotting against him. Only eight players are left in the reality show. Apart from Azma and Munawar, the current players are Saisha Shinde, Anjali Arora, Payal Rohatgi, Poonam Pandey, Shivam Sharma, and Prince Narula.

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