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Ayurveda expert on rules to consume watermelon: How to eat, best time to eat, side effects

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Watermelon is a wonderful snack ideal for hot summer days as it’s not only low in calories but is a storehouse of a range of nutrients. It also prevents one against dehydration considering it is 90% water. From keeping your skin free of acne and sunburn to protecting your heart, the benefits of consuming watermelon are innumerable. The sweet, juicy and cooling fruit is also an aphrodisiac. (Also read: 6 wonderful benefits of eating watermelon in summer season)

Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar in her recent Instagram post talked about benefits and rules of eating this summer fruit. According to Dr Bhavsar even the seeds of watermelon can make for a wonderful snack and are packed with several health benefits.

Benefits of watermelon

Watermelon is beneficial in relieving excessive thirst, fatigue, burning sensation in body, painful urination, bladder infections (UTI), oedema, and inflammation among others. The Ayurveda doctor however warns that watermelon is considered a little heavy for digestion as per Ayurveda and must be eaten in moderation.

According to Ayurveda it improves strength (balya), increases virility (veerya vivardhana) and is full of nutrition (pushti vivardhana). The fruit also helps in balancing pitta dosha.

Benefits of watermelon seeds

Dr Bhavsar says that watermelon seeds are cooling, diuretic and nutritive in nature. She says that watermelon seed oil contains glycerides of linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic and stearic acids.

As for eating them as snacks the Ayurveda expert suggests you dry them, roast them or ground into flour.

Side effects of overeating watermelon

“Enjoy watermelon this summer but before you binge on them considering it is healthy, hydrating and cool, do not forget it’s hard to digest (guru) too,” warns Dr Bhavsar.

She suggests eating the fruit in moderation or it can make you feel bloated, gassy and even give you stomach ache.

Best way to eat watermelon

– In moderation

– On its own (not with meals).

Best time to eat watermelon

The Ayurveda expert suggests you to have it in morning between 10 am to 12 pm as breakfast or between breakfast and lunch.

Dr Bhavsar says one can even have it as an evening snack post lunch before 5 pm. She cautions against having watermelon at night or with meals.

Who should avoid watermelon

Diabetics or those with digestive issues must avoid eating watermelon, as per the Ayurveda expert.

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