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Acts of kindness help less privileged face harsh summer

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The temperature is rising with each passing day in Delhi-NCR, adding to the woes of the homeless and underprivileged in the region, who are left with the insurmountable task of scouting for nutritious food, clean drinking water and shelter. However, some good Samaritans have stepped up to help those in need by distributing food, water and other essentials.

Gurugram resident Shailee Mayur Shah has been distributing cold water for those in need.

Shailee Mayur Shah, who runs a Facebook page, Smile Collectors, has been distributing water to those toiling on the roads of Gurugram. She says: “Whenever I step out of my home (Phase 5, Gurugram), I keep water bottles in my car and distribute them among those working on construction projects, digging or laying roads, and also manual rikshaw drivers and delivery agents.”

Also doing their bit for autorickshaw drivers is Roti Bank, which is distributing towels. Its founder, Sudhir Behrani, says: “I, along with the volunteers, distribute water bottles, roti packets and towels to the needy. We hope this gesture would serve as inspiration to the society to carry out more such acts.”

Delhi-based Nikhil Garg, along with other volunteers, has been distributing fruit drinks as part of drives conducted by Sri Hari Sewa Trust. He says: “We distribute water bottles, fruit drinks, oral rehydration pouches and sweets. Our weekend meal drives cover various parts of south and west Delhi. Till date, we’ve fed over 30,000 people. The food is freshly made in hygienic conditions. We initially started with khichdi and later moved on to serving meals.”

Clothes Box Foundation has been distributing footwear among those in need.
Clothes Box Foundation has been distributing footwear among those in need.

To make summer a bit more tolerable, Clothes Box Foundation is looking to distribute cotton clothing among the poor. “Cotton garments allow for improved air circulation, resulting in more sweat absorption and, as a result, a cooling effect. So, we plan to take up the distribution of cotton clothes across India. Also, people in rural areas and those working in unorganised sectors often commute long distances barefoot, causing blisters and calluses, which often go unnoticed and untended. Donating footwear can help ease this pain. We are working with brands to provide footwear to the poor across India,” says Sajan Veerr Abrol, founder of the group.

At the Earth Saviours Foundation, which presently houses around 800 abandoned senior citizens and differently abled people at Bandhwari Village and Mandawar Village in Gurugram, coolers have been put in place to provide some solace. “We’ve installed desert coolers in each shelter and are serving our residents sattu, lemonade, packed juices, seasonal fruits and ice cream, and giving water every two hours,” says Kavita Mathur, director of the organisation.

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