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A Brazilian twist in the tale

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Most of our knowledge of Brazil is limited to the popular Vengaboys’ song or that it is a country in the South American continent. Today, Mumbaikars will get to experience the culture of Brazil through the traditional martial arts performances by students from all over the country. It is an effort to encourage, educate, and celebrate Brazilian culture in the city.

Sucuri, founder of the Capoeira Academy and organizer of the event, says, “We want to celebrate the similarities that exists between the cultures. Brazilian and Indian cultures match in the way we think, fight, and more.”

Students performing Capoeira

The event will include fire shows, acrobatics, martial arts, music, Portuguese songs, drums, and a Samba and Batucada dance performance. Capoeira is “not just about body movements but it also teaches rhythm” and how to make and play instruments as well, explains the 30-year-old based in Mumbai. “All the instruments we will be using in our performances today are made by our students,” he adds.

Samba is a popular dance form, and it is a part of Capoeira. It has roots in the slave trade and “was created by African slaves when they did not want to be caught practising martial arts by their Portuguese masters,” shares the Capoeira expert.

Batucada is another Brazilian dance form, and it is also known as “the warrior dance”. It is a sub-style of Samba and “literally looks like garba that is danced in India during Navratri”. It teaches you how to use the stick and defend yourself with it.

The Capoeira Academy students from Mumbai and Bangalore will be joined by students from The Capoeira Academy India and Capoeira Brazil, in Pune in their performance.

Catch it live!

What: Brazilian evening

Where: The Steps, Bandra (W)

When:Today, April 28

Timing: 5pm

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