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34-year-old Chandigarh man gets 10-year RI for carrying restricted injections

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A district court has awarded 10-year rigorous imprisonment to a 34-year-old man, who was caught with 35 vials of restricted injections in 2019.

The special court of judge Rajeev K Beri also imposed a fine of 1 lakh on Vikram, who was convicted under Section 22 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

On January 18, 2019, ASI Kartar Singh, along with a police party from the Sector 61 police post, was on patrol duty in Sector 53. There, they noticed a youth acting suspiciously on spotting the police team. They stopped him for checking and recovered 15 vials of buprenorphine 2 ml each and 20 injections of pheniramine 10 ml each.

As he could not produce any licence, he was arrested by the police.

In court, Vikram pleaded that he was falsely implicated by the police to stop his mother from deposing against them in a 2018 NDPS case against one Vishal.

Vishal was also nabbed by four police personnel from the Sector 61 police post in August 2018, following which his sister-in-law had filed a complaint against them for falsely implicating Vishal.

Vikram told the court that his mother was set to appear as a witness in the case on January 18, 2019. “To stop her from deposing against the police officials, I was falsely framed in this case,” he told the court.

However, the court observed that it was not proved on file by the accused that the police witnesses had any ill-will or animosity towards him.

“The accused has also not provided any permit or licence to possess such psychotropic substances. He consciously possessed these, thereby violating the provisions of Section 22 (c) of the NDPS Act,” the court observed.

While he sought leniency, the court observed that the nature of offence and recovery of commercial quantity of contraband from the conscious possession of the convict did not leave any reason to treat him with leniency, which may give wrong signal to society, thereby encouraging propagation of delivery and possession of such psychotropic substances, which are hazardous, damaging and potential reasons for spoiling youth.

As such, the court sentenced him to 10-year rigorous imprisonment and also imposed a fine of 1 lakh.

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